Wingz: Nostalgic American food in Givat

Feeling nostalgic for the fast-food restaurants you left behind in America? Then head on over to Wingz in Givat Shmuel, where Drew and Anat Rosen will give you a real Yankee welcome – and food that may or may not remind you of home but tastes great anyway.

They made aliyah in July 2022 with their four sons (now aged 18, 15, and twins of 12) and opened for business in December 2013.

“We were supposed to open after Sukkot,” said Drew, “but we found ourselves making meals for soldiers.”

In a partnership with Leket Israel they provided over 700 meals.

The cheerful eatery is done up in bright colors, with a mural of wings, white brick walls, and a large screen on one wall showing American football games. Wingz: American fast food in Israel (credit: Wingz)

Before going into business, Drew and Anat, who still have a large catering business in Los Angeles, researched local suppliers to discover which would provide the best chicken and beef for their burgers and fried tenders. All the meat used in their dishes is halak (glatt kosher).

Enjoying American fast food in Israel

I had to look up “tenders,” as it is not a word used by Brits. I discovered that it’s the underside of the chicken breast. At Wingz they are served deep-fried with a coating of panko crumbs and crushed cornflakes (NIS 35/89, depending on number). Advertisement

The wings are a real delicacy. Some are sweet, while others are a little spicier. Because they are so much easier to eat by hand, a large quantity of wipers and napkins are provided, before one starts to eat (NIS 35/89, depending on number).

The best part of the meals at Wingz is the amazing sauces, all homemade by Drew and providing instant flavor added to the crispy wings and tenders.

There are 12 sauces, and each one is lovingly assembled to produce a variety of sweet or piquant flavors. Mostly they are named for different places in the US, which contributes to the nostalgia.

In addition to the chicken, two kinds of fries are available – the regular ones and others that have been sautéed with garlic, parsley, and seasonings. Two salads are served with your chicken portion, standard coleslaw and a cabbage salad with an Asian dressing – both very fresh. You can also get a chicken salad (NIS 42) and do away with the bun.

Talking of buns, Drew told me that the dough used for them is very special, as it has an addition of potato to the other standard ingredients, which makes it softer.

The burgers, which we took home to eat the next day, as we had overindulged in the chicken, were classic examples of the genre, with pickles, mustard, and greenery.

We said our farewells, clutching our burgers and two enormous chocolate chip cookies to savor at home, having enjoyed a very pleasant and satisfying lunch.

My thanks to my old friend Vera Freudman for telling me about the existence of Wingz. I feel sure we will revisit, one of these days.

  • Wingz
  • 1 Ha’arava Street, Givat Shmuel
  • Open: Sunday-Thursday, 10:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m.; Friday, 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
  • Kashrut: Givat Shmuel Rabbinate.

The writer was a guest of the restaurant.

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